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Determine Proper Helmet Size

  • Get your copy of Proper Helmet Size at the Downloads Section.

  • To determine helmet size, carefully measure your head with a cloth tape measure. For greatest accuracy, measurement should be taken by someone other than yourself and the tape measure should be held snugly around the head.

    Proper Head Measurement for Helmet Fit Place the measuring tape completely around the widest portion of your head approximately 1" above the eyebrows and just above the ears and at the point on the back of your head that will give you the largest measurement. (See illustration) It is best to take several measurements and to use the largest measurement to determine head size. Then find your head size in the chart below.

    Important: If your head size falls in between two of the head size ranges listed, use the smaller helmet size as the helmet must fit snugly.

    Head Size Range Helmet Size
    21-1/4" to 21-7/8" 1
    22" to 22-1/2" 2
    22-3/4" to 23-1/8" 3
    23-1/4" to 23-3/4" 4
    24" to 24-3/4" 5

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